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Biological Microscope

Biological Microscope

We are offering excellent quality Biological Microscopes in the market. Our range of Biological Microscopes includes Fluorescence Biological Microscope, Inverted Biological Microscope, and Binocular Microscope. These Biological Microscopes have high efficiency, flexibility and stability, and these are specially developed for various applied scopes. Our Biological Microscope is widely used, from daily work to scientific research, in Laboratory, Hospitals and Colleges. Because of higher capability with lower price and humanized configuration design, it also becomes the first choice of individual, Schools, and Scientific research organizations.

  • Wide field eyepiece
  • Backward nose piece
  • Superior quality plan
  • Achromatic objective
  • High precision focusing system
  • Available with LED illumination

  • Fluorescence Biological Microscope

  • Inverted Biological Microscope

  • Binocular Microscope